Installing Wendy’s Work

Wendy’s larger works are displayed using a method called a museum mount. It is very simple, professional and easy to do.

The quilt is hung with two wooden lathe bars that have first been cut to size, holes drilled, sanded and then spray painted white (often the color of gallery walls). Next the male or hooked side of sticky backed Velcro® is cut, stuck and for extra security stapled to the wood bars. The width of the Velcro® depends of the weight of the work.

On the back of the quilt – both top and bottom, sides if necessary – fabric sleeves are sewn, turned right side out and the ends sewn shut. The female or fuzzy side of the sticky backed Velcro® is stuck on to the fabric sleeves and for extra security machine sewn. Finally the Velcro® sleeve is hand sewn to the back of the quilt.

The wooden bars are screwed to the wall, then the quilt is mounted/sandwiched Velcro® to Velcro®. This will allow the work to hang flush to the wall.