First steps: cleaning, priming and working on the five designs that will relate. Since the imagery I would normally select is not politically correct or so I’ve been told, I’ll be staying with the original pod shapes and circles, but cutting stencils. It’s funny how life can circle around. My early work revolved around stencils and they continue to resurface. Slow techniques vs. digital (Photoshop.) Come to think of it, Photoshop isn’t fast, for me at least.

Public art is always a challenge, and to be working with a somewhat different focus is very good for me.

The next step is spraying a second coat of primer and then the background color.

At first I thought I would be painting the boxes with a brush, but then I thought, “Ahhh, Montana Spray Paint!” Acrylic, beautiful color selection, 6 different nozzle sprayer sizes and I can do the detail work with Golden Paints.

More to follow. Comments are always welcomed.