Art the Box Project – City of Eugene, Oregon

I was selected (along with two other artists that I haven’t met yet) to paint five traffic signal boxes. My section is 13th Ave from Willamette to High St. This choice made me very happy as I have lived in Lane County since 1974 and my alma mater is the U of O, also located on 13th Ave.

Above are the two designs that I submitted. I have the option of changing the designs. As of today I will most likely stay with Design 2 Pods. What I do know is the colors will change from box to box.The average box size is 36” x 20”, and then add the sides that can be seen. I will be painting with Golden Paints and finishing with a high gloss anti-graffiti product. Still researching possible products. Did I mention the boxes will glow in the dark?

On the corner of 13th and Willamette there stands a Ghost Bike memorial. Yesterday when I was photographing and measuring the box I started to think I would like to somehow reference the death of the young man who lost his life at that corner.

Please keep checking back as both my Giraffes and ArtBox projects grow.